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The site represents the work of a fan of the series and not 'in no way connected to Warner, the series creator Kenneth Johnson, or whoever owns the rights. The images used on this site belong to their authors, while the graphics, and layout and the idea 'of myself and can not' be replicated without the written consent thereto.

Petition List


1) Prepare soon the sale of DVDs of TV series "V" so 'as done in other international markets.

2) achieve the same content, quality 'and the other bill dvd already' sold abroad.

3) subtitled in Italian and documentaries that all these extra audio comments of the actors and / or directors.

Have already 'signed the petition:

01 V-fan Charles White from Rome
02 V-fan from Rome Francesco Sturri
03 V-fan from Florence Francis Galatia
04 V-fan Carlo Turri from Genoa
05 V-fan Francesco Bertolli Naples
06-V fans from Catania Giulio Sarti
07 V-fan from Rome Roberto Sarri
08-V fans from Brescia Diego Antonini
09 V-fan Luke Angels from Milan
10 V-fan Gianluca Sforza from Rome
11 V-fan Adrian Joseph Gricignano (ce)
12 V-fan Joseph Benincasa from Palermo
13 V-fan Matthew Salzano from Teverola (ce)
14 V-fan Faedo Luca from Mantova
15 V-fan Pierpaolo Deidda from Rome
16 V-Max fans Fundarò Alcamo
17 V-fan from Rome Simone Ottaviani
18 V-fan Paul from Alexandria Prevedoni
19 V-fan from Mantua Roberto Baldassari
20 V-fan Fabio Tursi Tor Vajanica (rm)
21 V-fan Poltronieri Alex Ferrara
22 V-fan from San Giovanni Mauro Di Bernardo Al Natisone (ud)
23 V-fan William Panetti from Pescara
24 V-fan Enrico Morelli da Montelupo
25 V-fan Rosins by Luca Perugia
26 V-fan Scozzari Gianluca from Rome
27 V-fan Gianpaolo Rossi of Mantua
28 V-fan Vincenzo Pizzo from Bari
29 V-fan John Rago from Salerno
30 V-fan Biagio Pignatiello from Ascoli Satriano (FG)
31 V-fan Gianluca Hits from Florence
32 V-fan Simone PIERGIACOMI from Chiavari (GE)
33 V-fan Luke Marranca from Rome
34 V-fan Luke Gossolengo by Bertuzzi (PC)
35 V-fan Walter Moncada from Viterbo
36 V-fan Manduria by Mirko Caserta S.nicola Road
Navy V-37 fans by Gennari Flero (bs)
38 V-fan Helena Biondani from Verona
V-39 German fans Cassinari Mario Gonzalez Hernandez Valera Fratta from (the)
40 V-fan Igor Viganò from Cinisello Balsamo (I)
41 V-fan Jordan Served by Forno Canavese (Turin)
42 V-fan Luke Sbaragli Vinovo from (to)
43 V-fan James Stellato from Bergamo
44 V-fan Pasquale Cirillo from Pompei (NA)
45 V-fan Andrea Ghiani from Monastir (CA)
46 V-fan Ugo Nanni Rome
47 V-fan Carmen Senigallia from Rome
48 V-fan Federico Guerci from Valencia
49 V-fan from Rome Roberto Cruciani
50 V-fan Antonio Francescon from Rome
51 V-fan Renato Fontana Cagliari
52 V-fan Emanuela Piras from Sassari
53 V-fan from Rome Daniele Pastina
54 V-fan Andrea Mocchi from Sarzana (SP)
55 V-fan Thomas Smith from Livorno
56 V-fan Fabio Aliboni from Genoa
57 V-fan from Florence Albert Pardini
V-58 Gian Maria Marchini fans from Sarzana (SP)
59 V-fan Carlo Alberto Terenzoni from Lerici
60 V-fan Carola Bernardi from Turin
61 V-fan Peter Barducci from Milan
62 V-fan Xavier Banti from Lerici
63 V-fan Francis Aiello from Naples
64 V-fan Antonio Delussu from Monastir (CA)
65 V-fan by Tiziana Ibba Sestu (approx)
66 V-fan Stefano Farci from Quartu S.e.
67 V-fan by Stephanie Pisu Assemini (approx)
68 V-fan Mauritius Turpentine from Rome
69 V-fan Bortone Manuel from Milan
70 V-fan Charlotte Banti from Mantua
71-V fans from Turin Paola Pellistri
72 V-fan Fat Albert Thomas from London
73 V-fan Alexander Volgin from Rome
74 V-fan from Venice Thomas Bottini
75 V-fan Carlo Urbani from Palermo
V-76 fans by Simon Castagna Falcinello (sp)
77 V-fan Enrico Cecchi from Pisa
78 V-fan by Sara Baudone Rosskopf
79 V-fan Jessica Bellegoni from Bari
80-V fans from Catania Carmelo Conti
V-81 fans by Andrea Castagna Falcinello (sp)
82 V-fan Federica Dominici from Castelnuovo Sp
83 V-fan Alessio Di Donato from Sarzana (SP)
84 V-fan Alice Elysees from Sarzana (SP)
85 V-fan Stephen Smith from Turin
86 V-fan Anna Piga from Catanzaro
87 V-fan Ennio Tognogni from Trieste
88 V-fan Margherita Pini from Taranto
89 V-fan Charles Thomas Albert Scrufari from Rome
90 V-fan Luciano Silvio Scrufari from Rome
91 V-fan Elizabeth Ann Smith from Rome
92 V-fan Luciano Alberto Scrufari from Rome
93 V-fan Paola Margherita Scrufari from Rome
94 V-fan Patricia Grace Verdini from Lucca
95 V-fan Leda Lucarelli Tognoni from Sarzana (SP)
96 V-fan Daniel Pastina from Livorno
97 V-fan from Florence Thomas Oldoini
98 V-fan Alice Romanello Siena
99 V-fan Emanuele Menconi from Sarzana (SP)
100 V-fan Andrea Del Buono from Sarzana (SP)
101 V-fan Carlotta Maria Galli da Pistoia
102 V-fan Stephen Terenzoni from Turin
103 V-fan victorious march from Chieti Scalo
104 V-fan Mary Tocco from Chieti Scalo
105 V-fan Mirko Alighiero from Genoa
106 V-fan from San Remo Thomas Spinetti
107 V-fan Mark Champion from Lissone
108 V-fan Stephen Ruiu from Sassari
109 V-fan from Prato Andrea Santini
110 V-fan Barbara Sasso from Prato
111 V-fan Hector Falcocchio from Milan
112 V-Paul Greek fans from Milan
113 V-fan Banci Lorenzo da Prato
114 V-fan Michela Sasso from Prato
115 V-fan Emilio Melons from Agrigento
116 V-fan Tempestini Alessandro Ancona
117 V-fan Claudio Rinaldini from Milan
118 V-fan Emiliano Welcome to Rome
119 V-fan Giampiero Lauria from Termini Imerese
120 V-Mark Bomboi fans from Ostia Lido
121 V-fan Thomas Villirillo from Crotone
122 V-fan from San Emilio Chickie Hope
123 V-Fan Diego Sacrament Garbagnate (I)
124 V-fan from Rome Alessandra Biagini
125 V-fan Gloria De Rome Vices
126 V-fan by Christian Pedrini Madone (BG)
127 V-fan from United Viano Davide Paterlini (King)
128 V-fan Claudia Trademarks Castellarano
129 V-fan John Fiore from Rome
130 V-fan Mark Edwards from Scafati (SA)
131 V-fan Alberto Toniolo Opera (I)
132 V-Sing Fan Giuseppe Messina
133 V-fan Emiliano Ranzani from Turin
134 V-fan Paul Pais Turin
135 V-Port Rowan fans from Turin
136 V-fan Silvia Venturini from Finale Ligure (SV)
137 V-fan Tonarelli by Vito Carrara
138 V-fan Silvia Toniolo Opera (I)
139 V-fan Mark Alfieri from Rome
140 V-fan Pezzella Antonella da Modena
141 V-fan Luke Lucaroni Bastia Umbra
142 V-fan Alessandra Pieces of Landriano Pv
143 V-Fabiana Music fans from Reggio Calabria
144 V-fan by Laura Nale Grezzana (Verona)
145 V-fan Emanuele Vivaldi from Catanzaro
146 V-fan Bernabè by Fabio Di Locate Triulzi (MI)
147 V-fan Henry Reina from Marsala (tp)
148 V-fan Viviana Marta from Rome
149 V-fan Christian Bolcato from Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
150 V-fan Walter Oldoni from Milan
151 V-fan Antonio D by Antonio Palata (cb)
152 V-fan Marco Musumeci from Modena
153 V-fan David Matera from Rome
154 V-fan David Tanchis from Monza
155 V-fan by Christian Polisciano Pile
156 V-fan Adriana Suarez from Bogota
157 V-fan Christian Donolato from Trieste
158 V-fan Cyrus Marciano from Bari
159 V-fan by Maurizio Floris Strevi
160 V-fan Lorena Talma from Vicenza
161 V-fan Mark White from Ceparana
162 V-fan Valentina Accorsi from La Spezia
163 V-fan Francesco Corso from Brugnato
164 V-fan Serena Leochares from Turin
165 V-fan Ilaria Laplace Rome
166 V-fan Gloria Smith from Florence
167 V-fan Adriana Beverini from Livorno
168 V-fan Pastina Antonio from Trento
169 V-fan James Pastina from Trento
170 V-fan Linda Viscount Turin
171 V-fan Luciana Bacigalupi from Sarzana (SP)
172 V-fan from San Remo Nicholas Giannarelli
173 V-fan Thomas Terzieri from Sestri Levante
174 V-fan Mark Fazio from Sarzana
175 V-Fan Louis Ginepri from Livorno
176 V-fan Nicholas Gibellini from La Spezia
177 V-fan Mark Barabino from La Spezia
178 V-fan Matthew Thomas Landini from Genoa
179 V-fan Francesca paper Sarzana
180 V-fan Serena Rossi Florence
181 V-fan Vilma Cuffini from Rome
182 V-fan Mary Egyptian Bamonte from Lucca
183 V-fan Charles Bamonte from Lucca
184 V-fan Francesca Serni Bamonte from Lucca
185 V-fan Katia lambs Livorno
186 V-fan Paul from Mass Bernardini
187 V-fan Paul from Mass Bernardini
188 V-fan Paul from Mass Bernardini
189 V-fan Paul from Mass Bernardini
190 V-fan Donald Bernardini from Massa
191 V-fan Luca Marchini Siena
192 V-fan Allen Michael Sassari
193 V-fan Patrizia Cervia Sassari
194 V-fan Tom Allen Sassari
195 V-fan Lucia Cheli from Lerici
196 V-fan Victor Cheli from Lerici
197 V-fan Triscia Finch from Sarzana
198 V-fan Alessandro Conti La Spezia
199 V-fan Fabio Zanello from La Spezia
200 V-fan Serenella Semprini from Sarzana
201 V-fan Maximilian Defraia from Cagliari
202 V-by Milan fans Stefano Comi
203 V-by Milan fans Stefano Carella
204 V-fan Lino Miraglia from Sesto San Giovanni
205 V-fan Lino Miraglia from Sesto San Giovanni
206 V-fan Alessio Arneodo from Turin
207 V-fan Rita Careddu from Olbia
208 V-by Nora fans Claudio Modena
209 V-fan Nora Harrison from Modena
210 V-fan Matthew Dicaudo from Modena
211 V-fan Ivano Bortolotti from Modena
212 V-fan Franco Gabbi from Modena
213 V-Frederick Cocciadiferro fans from Gallarate-va-
214 V-fan Joseph Tornimbeni from Verbania
215 V-fan Michael Petroni from Verbania
216 V-fan from Rome Roberta Giovangrossi
217 V-fan Teresa Giovangrossi from Rome
218 V-fan Paul Nocito from Rome
219 V-fan Lazzaretti Angelo Bergamo
220 V-fan by Francesca Belotti
221 V-fan Elizabeth Cabello from Milan
222 V-fan Armando Paez De Argentina
223 V-fan Antonella Molteni from Como
224 V-fan from Rome Daniele Tonelli
225 V-fan Simon Brown from Verona
226 V-fan Anto Tomei from Rome
227 V-fan Silvano Pedretti from Bologna
228 V-fan Iacuzzi Mauro Bologna
229 V-fan Roberto nonsense from Milan
230 V-Bruno Warriors fans from Genoa
231 V-fan Giovanni Macchia from Genoa
232 V-fan Simone Russo Naples
233 V-fan Claudio Dancers from Rome
234 V-fan Charles Spinoso from Reggio Emilia
235 V-fan Lorenzo Baldan from Belluno
236 V-Mark Bomboi fans from Ostia Lido (RM)
237 V-fan Francesco Caforio from Turin
238 V-fan Bruno Guerzoni by Porcari (LU)
239 V-fan Antonio Nardi from La Spezia
240 V-fan Antonio Nardi from La Spezia
241 V-fan Antonio Nardi from La Spezia
242 V-fan Antonio Nardi from La Spezia
243 V-fan Antonio Nardi from La Spezia
244 V-fan Luke Pipolo Naples
245 V-Saints fans Scognamillo Messina
246 V-fan Daniele Ghetti from Scandiano
247 V-fan Ilaria Navarre Ladispoli (rome)
248 V-fan Giorgia Ghetti from Scandiano (r.e.)
249 V-fan Deanna Ferrari Scandiano (r.e.)
250 V-fan Michael Chiti from Carrara
251 V-fan from San Giuliano Milanese Marco Rossi
252 V-Aurelia Bossutto fans from Bologna
253 V-fan Alfonso Corazzin from Termoli
254 V-fan Alexander Gerace Siena
255 V-fan Valentina Briguglio Rome
256 V-fan Zazza Tiziano Rome
257 V-fan from Rome Federica Andreucci
258 V-fan by Simon Mellan Tradate (VA)
259 V-fan by Alexander Mellan Tradate
260 V-fan by Alexander Mellan Tradate
261 V-fan John Cod from Trieste
262 V-fan Luca Faini from Varano Borghi (VA)
263 V-fan Nicola Bertovello from Voghera
264 V-fan Michela Rossi Verona
265 V-fan Fabio Miceli from Turin
266 V-fan Conrad Alongi from Genoa
267 V-fan from Pavia Marco Intini
268 V-fan friend Michele from Milan
269 V-fan Rose Pansini from Bisceglie
270 V-fan Cangelli by Alessandro Bisceglie
271 V-by Milan fans Katia Olmi
272 V-fan Martina Carletta from Pescara
273 V-fan Cinzia De Berardi from Pescara
274 V-fan power by Christian Sassano
275 V-Danilo Villa fans from Lecco
276 V-fan Angela Rovt from Trieste
277 V-fan Alessandro Bossi from Trieste
278 V-fan from Rome Andrea Cioffi
279 V-fan Richard Cambioni from Certaldo (FI)
280 V-by Milan fans Pedro Cusi
281 V-fan Guido Sgarro from Sassari
282 V-fan Alessandra Carnassale from Genzano Di Roma
283 V-fan Charles Flowers from Sondrio
284 V-fan by Marina Carnassale Genzano Di Roma
285 V-Eugenia Warriors fans from Rome
286 V-fan Gianmarco Di Micco from Rome
287 V-fan Lelli Fabio from Rome
288 V-fan Claudio Beware Florence
289 V-fan Stephen Mantle from Albenga (sv)
290 V-fan Marcello Checchia from Novara
291 V-fan Eddy Oleggini from Dormelletto (no)
292 V-fan James Garofalo from Turin
293 V-by Catania fans Francesco Foti
294 V-fan Bedano by Cynthia Sweets, Switzerland
295 V-fan Deborah Gibson from Lugano
296 V-fan Tony Gibson Da Lugano
297 V-fan from Lugano Daniel Sweet
298 V-fan Atzori Francesco da Oristano
299 V-fan by Alberto Faedda Massama
300 V-fan Matthew Faedda by Massama
301 V-fan Matthew Faedda by Massama
302 V-fan Alessandra Sanna from Oristano
303 V-fan Stefania Mura from Oristano
304 V-by Perpignan fans Giuseppe Lugano
305 V-fan Mariangela Iannotta Siena
306 V-fan Francesca Sweets from Lugano, Switzerland
307 V-fan Anna Papuzza from Turin Italy
308 V-fan by Stefano Tortelli Guidonia
309 V-fan Laura Guelfi from Pavia
310 V-fan Simone Bonvicini from Modena
311 V-fan Nicola Buffoli from San Benedetto Del Tronto
312 V-fan John Goofy from Rome
313 V-fan Vito Giuseppe Viggiano from Potenza
314 V-fan George Borali from Modena
315 V-Max Rossi fans from Modena
316 V-fan Merino Jose Manuel Diaz from Castenedolo (BS) Brescia 25014
317 V-by Milan fans Elena Lombardi
318 V-fan Lorenzo Manfrina from Biella
319 V-fan from San Giuliano Milanese Marco Rossi
320 V-fan from San Giuliano Milanese Marco Rossi
321 V-fan from San Giuliano Milanese Marco Rossi
322 V-fan Rigoni Giorgio Ferrara
323 V-fan from Edolo Roberto Zambelli (Brescia)
324 V-fan Simone Incarnate from Rho (MI)
325 V-fan by Pietro Molteni Milan
326 V-fan Paola Rinaldi from Poggibonsi (SI)
327 V-fan by Simon Gallicani Noceto (pr)
328 V-fan Lucia Brambilla from Giussano
329 V-fan Iva Ceccarelli from Poggibonsi (SI)
330 V-fan from Florence Flora Messeri
331 V-fan Vincenzo Ricciardi from Aversa (CE)
332 V-fan Stefano De Simoni from Frascati (RM)
333 V-fan Daniela De Simoni from Frascati (RM)
334 V-fan by Piersanti Valentina Albano Lazio (rm)
335 V-fan Bruno De Simoni Rome
336 V-fan Tony Valerio from Corato (BA)
337 V-fan Busci Marco from Milan
338 V-fan from Rome Stefano Pacca
339 V-fan Hugh Gennari from Rome
340 V-fan Lorenzo Bianda from Losone
341 V-fan Andrea Porrini from Losone
342 V-fan Himara Balzano from Pavia
343 V-fan Licia Belloni from Pavia
344 V-fan Annapaola soaked by Rome
345 V-fan Mirko Toppi from Rome
346 V-fan Marco Pierucci from Sassocorvaro
347 V-fan by Bruna Iannucci Stezzano (bg)
348 V-fan Diego Luisetti from Como
349 V-fan Paola De gemmis from Vicenza
350 V-fan and Alberto Angela Margiacchi from Poggibonsi (SI)
Chorus 351 V-fan Paul from Rome
352 V-fan Mark Neighbors from Reggio Emilia
353 V-fan from Lodi Maurizio Ravera
354 V-fan Matthew Albertini from Milan
355 V-Max fans from Turin Vigna
356 V-fan Alex Giacomini from Rimini
357 V-fan Livio Del Gesso from Termoli
358 V-fan Manuel Zamattio from Venice
359 V-fan Abela Sebastian from Pavia
360 V-fan by Ivan Fedeli Cernusco Sul Naviglio (MI)
361 Paul Mirabella V-fan from Pioltello
362 V-fan from Rome Giorgio Simoni
363 V-fan Edward Sarperi from Rome
364 V-fan Delia magnet Genoa
365 V-fan David Matera from Rome
366 V-fan by Luca Berti Arquata Scrivia (AL)
367 V-fan by Ivan Veggiano Montecenere (mo)
368 V-fan from Rome Francesco Schiavelli
369 V-fan Blanca Estela Rodriguez from Venice
370 V-fan Alex Nice to Milan
371 V-fan Sonia Hair from Milan
372 V-fan Lisa Prioreschi from Lucca
373 V-fan Anna Proserpio from Como
374 V-Tiziana Mosconi fans from Milan
375 V-fan Aljoscha Albonico from Como
376 V-fan from Torino Fulvio Gilardi
377 V-Moreno Mantovani fans from Novara
378 V-fan from Ferrara Marco Boldrini
379 V-fan from San Remo Paul Provost
380 V-fan Edgardo Manzuoli from Rome
381 V-fan Gianluca Zennaro from Venice
382 V-fan Roby Aaa from Rome
383 V-fan Gabriella Landino from Parma
384 V-fan Lorenzo Sordi Treviso
385 V-fan Meregalli Alexander Turin
386 V-fan Frederick Bright Monfalcone
387 V-fan Matthew Colombin from Muggia-Trieste
V-388 fans from Bologna Silvia Grassi
389 V-fan Mark Edwards from Scafati
390 V-fan Carmela Cozzolino from Pompeii
391 V-fan Bruzzi Manuel Piacenza
392 V-fan Vincenzo Gabrielli from Lucca
393 V-fan Nocetti Fabrizio Lucca
394 V-fan Luca Modestino from Milan
395 V-fan Flavio Mortarino from Abbiategrasso
396 V-fan from San Vendemiano Sacha Carnelos (Treviso)
397 V-fan David Pinazzini from Albenga
398 V-fan Angelozzi by Joseph Roman Campagna
399 V-Uwe Rybka fans from Berlin Germany
400 V-fan Alessandro Callea from Civitavecchia
401 V-fan Andrea Callea from Civitavecchia
402 V-fan Susanna from Terni Del Grande
403 V-fan Massimiliano Signorelli by Roe (bs)
404 V-fan Brenda Griffin from Rome
405 V-fan Brenda Griffin from Rome
406 V-fan Alberto Calabrò from Moneglia
407 V-fan Massimiliano Picardi from Milan
408 V-fan from Milan Alessandro Zamboni
409 V-Louise Gallivanone fans from Milan
410 V-fan Antonio Capodivento from Sesto San Giovanni-me-
411 V-fan Francesco Toso from Udine
412 V-Alessio Albanian fans from Genoa
413 V-fan from San Diego Sforza Donato Milanese
414 V-fan Philip Mariani from Vigevano
415 V-fan Loiodice Adriano Rome
416 V-fan Michael Sack from Orbassano (to)
417 V-fan Michael Oliver from Cerveteri
418 V-fan Emiliano Chiarolanza Quarto (Naples)
419 V-fan Marco Pezzini from Sarnico
420 V-fan Francesco Olivieri from Verona
421 V-fan Paul from Rome Paterna
422 V-fan Gabriele Zedda by Ve
423 V-fan Mariachiara Rossetti from Bologna
424 V-fan Mauritius Braconi from Perugia
425 V-fan Silvio stop from Trieste
426 V-fan Cristina Minoja from Milan
427 V-Fan Frances V. from Biella
428 V-fan Denis Pantoliano from Forli
429 V-fan Federica Frogs from Pesaro
430 V-fan Dario Carrubba from Syracuse
431 V-fan spotlight Vito Catania
432 V-by Milan fans Federico Boratto
433 V-fan Alan Jones from Lugano
434 V-by Catania fans Agatino Faro
435 V-fan from Rome Francesco Versus
436 V-fan Philip Palmili from Modena
437 V-by Milan fans Francesco Ferrante
438 V-fan Robutti Franco Vercelli
439 V-fan Elena Moreni from Milan
440 V-fan Emanuela Badino from Cuneo
441 V-fan Luca Ferraris from Alexandria
442 V-fan Mark Cipriano from Casale Monferrato (al)
443 V-fan Daniel Tome from Casale Monferrato
444 V-fan Binasco Andrea from Milan
445 V-fan Charles Babbucce da Fiesole
446 V-fan Schiacciatuono Evaristo from Castellammare di Stabia
447 V-fan by Henry Culomorto Ribbione Nose
448 V-fan Rosario Strozzamerluzzi from Rozzano (MI)
449 V-fan Pescanegri Cristina da Rimini
450 V-fan Alessandro Belli Milan
451 V-fan Mark T from Florence
452 V-fan Mike Donovan from Mars
453 V-fan Luigi Ferraro from Naples
454 V-fan Robert Rich from Venice
455 V-fan from Rome Monica Favilla
456 V-fan Zompo Fabrizio from Rome
457 V-fan Renata Favilla from Rome
458 V-fan Manuel Lance Rome
459 V-fan Pasquale Esposito from Naples
460 V-by Pioltello Rigucci fan Vincenzo (Milan)
461 V-fan Michael Ricciardelli from Genoa
462 V-fan Laura Buonamico from Genoa
463 V-fan Laura Buonamico from Genoa
464 V-fan from San Lazzaro Di Carmine Campitelli Savena (bo)
465 V-fan Jennifer Prenn from Saronno
466 V-fan Veronica Sanchez from Turin
467 V-fan Margaret Palermo from Milan
468 V-by Milan fans Sergio Doria
469 V-fan Marialaura Walnut from Nuoro
470 V-fan Mirco Zocchi from Mantua
471 V-Marcello Apple fans from Imperia
472 V-fan Peter Thomas Camerota from Grosseto
473 V-fan Samuela Pellesi from Fiorano Modenese
474 V-fan Emanuele Pellesi from Fiorano Modenese
475 V-fan Emanuele Sandwiches from Fiorano Modenese
476 V-fan from Novellara Giorgi Emanuele (King)
477 V-fan Bafumo Alessandro Palermo
478 V-by Catania fans Patrizia Barbagallo
479 V-fan from San Giuliano Milanese Marco Rossi
480 V-fan Simone Tramontana from Garbagnate Milanese
481 V-fan Mark Capuchin Aprilia (lt)
482 V-fan Sergio Garofalo from Syracuse
483 V-fan Mauritius Cartisano from Pinerolo (TO)
484 V-fan Luke Arras from Cuneo
485 V-fan Luke Arras from Cuneo
486 V-fan Alex Santoro from Rome
487 V-fan Richard Iappelli from Pesaro
488 V-fan Davide Piana Spotorno (SV)
489 V-fan Scarlett Midili from Spotorno (SV)
490 V-fan Henry Loot from Genoa
491 V-fan Matthew Pisani from Vigevano
492 V-fan from Varese Alessandro Fabozzi
493 V-fan Roberta Montano from Villanova
494 V-fan Mauro Zampolini from Voghera (PV)
495 V-fan by Alessio Fornaciari Caniparola (ms)
496 V-fan Gabriele De Rossi from Pescara
497 V-fan Mirko Tamang from Rome
498 V-fan Alessandro Ramacca from Campobasso
499 V-fan Michael Ventimiglia Verano Brianza (Milan)
500 V-fan Philip Ventimiglia Verano Brianza (Milan)
501 V-fan from Hungary János Czettler
502 V-fan Andrea Lala from Milan
503 V-fan Antonio Saverino from Palermo
504 V-Jeremiah Mario fans from Catania
505 V-by Catania fans Marilena Newfoundland
506 V-fan Louise Lenzerini from Rome
507 V-by Napoli fans Antonella Coppola
508 V-fan Celentano Giorgia from Foggia
509 V-fan Danny priests from Massa Finale (mo)
510 V-fan from Rome Giorgio Cavallari
511 V-fan Manuela Beccaria from Rome
512 V-fan Massimo Ivone from Milan
513 V-fan by Annalisa Tampieri Lavezzola (ra)
514 V-fan Raul Castillo from Nerviano
515 V-fan Gianluca Del Bishop of Aosta
516 V-fan Gianluca Del Bishop of Aosta
517 V-fan Varrazzo Gianluca Verona
518 V-fan Marco Benedetti from Verona
519 V-fan Manuela Oberto from Moncalieri (TO)
520 V-fan Basevi Guido from Verona
521 V-fan by Frank Terranova Bracciolini Triffici
522 V-fan from Nottingham Andrea Cossu
523 V-fan Roberta Minestrini from Perugia
524 V-fan John Abbate from Genoa
525 V-fan by Annalisa Filippi Piobesi
526 V-fan Franco Franchini from Rome
527 V-by Milo Xavier fans Bitonto (Bari)
528 V-fan Jean Iannone from Milan
529 V-fan by Mario Poletti Melzo
530 V-fan Marco Contini from Milan
531 V-fan by Mario Cavallini Ossona
532 V-by Milan fans Mauro Guerrini
533 V-fan Lamberto Lamberti from Bologna
534 V-fan Andrea Larsen from Monticello (lick)
535 V-fan Dominic Ferrentino by Turin
536 V-fan Simone Marangon from Turin
537 V-fan Mark Licata from Cesano Boscone (Milano)
538 V-fan Jade Cavosi by Rozzano (Milan)
539 V-fan Mauritius Sgambati from Pordenone
540 V-fan Richard Tiezzi Siena
541 V-fan Katia Borders from Rome
542 V-fan Baruffa Gianni da Volterra
543 V-fan Giuliano Cenci from Rovigo
544 V-fan Dominic Barillà from Rome
545 V-fan from Mauritius Gioscia Omegna
546 V-fan Graziano Sparvoli from Rome
547 V-fan Gazzarri Alessandro Pisa
548 V-fan Giorgia Testa Ancona
549 V-fan Roberto Osmani Ancona
550 V-fan Vito Stano from Reggio Emilia
551 V-fan Cynthia Fasciolo from Rome
V-552 Arnold Schwarzenegger fan from Los Angeles
553 V-fan from Rome Alessandra Biagini
554 V-fan from Rome Fabrizio Leonardi
555 V-fan Manolo Nicastro Da Milano
556 V-fan Fabio Bertoni from Milan
557 V-fan from Venice Andrea Fasolato
558 V-fan Silvano Gheza from Lugano (Switzerland),
559 V-fan Emanuela Florentines from Genoa
560 V-fan Lino Rinaldi from Perugia
V-561 Maddalena Zamboni fans from Verona
562 V-fan Marcello Bardi from Sansepolcro
563 V-fan Manuel Calvo from Salsomaggiore Terme
564 V-by Albanian fans Diego Barletta (BA)
565 V-Albanian fans Fabio Riva Del Garda
566 V-fan Francis Imbriola from Barletta
567 V-fan David Curci from Milan
568 V-fan Parri Antonella da Modena
569 V-fan Silvia Tonini from Milan
570 V-fan Salvatore Besso from Reggio Emilia
571 V-fan Close by Gianluca Salerno
572 V-fan Gianluca Donovan from Cosenza
573 V-fan altered rocks from Nizza Monferrato
574 V-fan from Rome Alessandro Marchetti
575 V-fan Pierluca Fish Nizza Monferrato
576 V-fan Angelina Landro from Turin
577 V-fan Anthony Alterio from Turin
578 V-fan Veruska Gentlemen from Prato
579 V-fan Maximilian Giampaolini from Pisa
580 V-fan Simone Ugolini from Impruneta (Florence)
581 V-fan Fabbri Riccardo Prato
582 V-fan Edward Oleggini First Prime Oleggini from Novara
583 V-fan Floriana wax Milan
584 V-fan Marco Oreste Pogliaghi from Milan
585 V-fan Andrea Fineppi from Sassuolo
586 V-fan Augustine Edwards from Avezzano (aq)
587 V-fan Alex Rome apples
588 V-fan Flavio Roli from Machynlleth (I)
589 V-fan Robert Dangelo from Rieti
590 V-fan Lorraine Nalini from Bolzano
591 V-fan from Rome Leonardo Novelli
592 V-fan Salvatore Giannetto from Caltanissetta
593 V-fan Mirco Mountains from Bologna
594 V-Sir Cyrus fans from Naples
595 V-fan Martin whistles from Milan
596 V-fan Gianluca Pascolini from Imperia
597 V-fan Christian Liebl from München
598 V-fan Mark Flora Giulianova
599 V-fan Marco Zara Rome
600 V-fan Emilian Zara Rome
601 V-fan Yolanda Saved from Naples
602 V-Fan Laterza Cesare da Brescia
603 V-fan from Rome Achille Di Matteo
604 V-fan by Joseph Sirignano Poggiomarino
V-605 Vitello fans Nicolò da Rimini
606 V-fan Mark Spiders from Perugia
607 V-fan Donatella Romero from Turin
608 V-Max fans Fantini Ravenna
609 V-fan David Rella from Rome
610 V-fan Alessandro Zanella from Mestre
611 V-fan Luke Parroccini from Cuneo
612 V-fan Henry Street from Genoa
613 V-fan Conrad Latins from Nepi (VT)
614 V-Francis Zirilli fans from Turin
615 V-fan from Rome Roberta Mancino
616 V-fan utmost love from Rome
617 V-fan from Rome Francesco Romano
618 V-fan Danilo De Scisciolo from Rome
619 V-fan Susanna Gori Bellaria
620 V-fan by Marco Mauri Monza
621 V-fan Valentina Canitano from Rome
622 V-fan Eva Leidi from Genoa
623 V-fan from Palermo Salvatore Cannella
624 V-fan from Rome Roberta Russo
625 V-fan from Rome Roberto Venanzoni
626 V-fan John Tomasso from Rome
627 V-fan from Rome Marco Ferreri
628 V-fan Nara Stabocchi from Rome
629 V-by Julou Julou77 fans Julien From Paris
630 V-fan Francesco Totti from Roma
631 V-fan Giorgio Napolitano from Naples
632 V-fan by Heinz Guderian Konisberg
633 V-fan Francis D Milan
634 V-fan Piero Costanzo Pontestura (al)
635 V-fan Simona Bianchini from Arezzo
636 V-fan Michael Gold from Turin
637 V-fan David Naldi from Pavia
638 V-fan by Manuela Simeon Locate Triulzi (MI)
639 V-fan by Henry Bonino Albissola Sea (sv)
640 V-fan from Prato Valentina Nesi
641 V-fan Mark Pauselli from Gualdo Tadino (Perugia)
642 V-fan Fiorella Pasquarelli from Gualdo Tadino (Perugia)
643 V-fan Moris Oliva from Pesaro
644 V-fan by Joseph Bettelani Abbiategrasso
645 V-by Padua fans Marco Zambon
646 V-by Padua fans Marco Zambon
647 V-fan Paola De Santo da Firenze
648 V-by Milan fans during Daniel
649 V-fan Eleonora Manzoni from Saronno Go
650 V-fan Griselli by Maria Valley Lomellina - Pv -
651 V-fan Lorraine Walker from Buenos Aires
652 V-fan Maurizio Lupi from Perugia
653 V-fan Paul from Rome Gasbarra
654 V-fan Daniela Fantozzi from Rome
655 Elizabeth Mancino V-fan from Rome
656 V-fan David Guido Pozzoni from Milan
657 V-fan David Palmer from Rome
658 V-fan Massimiliano Mascaro Columbro from Perugia
659 V-fan Mario Amphitheatre from Benevento
660 V-by Milan fans Mirko Lo Iacono
661 V-fan William Di Paolantonio from Rome
662 V-fan Andrew Ireland from Brussels
663 V-Fan Ivan Del Prete from Benevento
664 V-fan Sergio Brunetto from Turin
665 V-fan Francesco Chiofalo from Soriano Nel Cimino
666 V-fan Stefano Carosi from Soriano Nel Cimino
667 V-fan by Vivian Valentina Eboli
668 V-fan Gianmaria Husbands from Livorno
669 V-fan Guido Garbin from Vercelli
670 V-fan Simone Mask Vinovo
671 V-fan Andrea Tremaroli from Rapallo
672 V-fan Paul Brumat from San Vito Al Tagliamento (PN)
673 V-fan Michael Trojans from Perugia
674 V-fan Manuel Calvo from Salsomaggiore Terme
675 V-fan in April by Joseph Soleto (Lecce)
676 V-fan Joseph Barillari from Catanzaro
677 V-fan by Andrea Bernasconi Vezia
678 V-fan Antonio Near Salerno
679 V-fan Rizzi Guido da Como
680 V-fan Valter Bricchi from Milan
681 V-fan Nicola Jordan from Reggio Emilia
682 V-fan Cristian Mussi da Crema
683 V-by Napoli fans Massimiliano Marchese
684 V-fan Visintin Luca from Milan
685 V-fan Joseph Sorrentino from Ischia
686 V-fan Maurizio Reggio from Collegno (to)
687 V-fan Roberto Cherubini from Chiusi
V-688 Yuri Giuliani fan from Rome
689 V-fan by Fausto Manzoni Milan
690 V-fan Gian Luca Porzio from Turin
691 V-fan Paola Gioiosa from Milan
692 V-Max fans torture Rome
693 V-fan Paolo Boselli da Carpi
694 V-fan Mittino Cristina from Trecate
695 V-fan Diego Gambaro from Novara
696 V-Jürgen Staples fans from Bolzano
697 V-Jürgen Staples fans from Bolzano
698 V-fan by Simona Crosara Bolladello
699 V-Fan Ivan Blackboard from Genoa
700 V-fan Roberta Bassani from Lecco
701 V-fan Figuccio Caesar from Rome
702 V-fan Fabrizio Lainati from Milan
703 V-fan Alessandro Blasi from Sesto Fiorentino
704 V-fan by John Giroldo Frascarolo
705 V-fan John Paul from Dublin Rampazzo
706 V-fan Margaret De Ambrogio da Vercelli
707 V-fan Pasquale TIRIS from Mazara Del Vallo
708 V-fan from Naples Marco Gottardo
709 V-Nuncio Lighted fans from Naples
710 V-fan Lorenzo Leandri from Rome
711 V-fan Joseph Porceddu from Grugliasco (TO)
712 V-fan Andrea Caputo from Mirandola
713 V-by Milan fans Lello Ascione
714 V-fan Matthew Cavalera from Verona
715 V-fan Fabrizio Oak Terni
716 V-fan Gianni Ricciardiello from Marano Di Napoli
717 V-fan Cristian Masia from Vicenza
718 V-fan Leonardo Except from Sondrio
719 V-fan Laura Gagliardi from Rome
720 V-fan Laura Gagliardi from Rome
721 V-fan Gianpietro Napolitano from Cosenza
722 V-fan Orestes Acetelli from Rome
723 V-fan Acetelli Claudio from Rome
724 V-fan Valter Bricchi from Milan
725 V-fan by Gianfranco Zambon Staranzano
726 V-fan Heloise Crossbow from Piacenza
727 V-fan Heloise Crossbow from Piacenza
728 V-fan Alba Ville Rome Caput Mundi
729 V-fan Macera Fabio from Rome
730 V-fan Marco Spinelli Siena
731 V-fan Gregory Algisi from Lausanne
732 V-fan Joseph Esposito from Naples
733 V-fan Mario Schiano Di Zenise from Monte di Procida (NA)
734 V-fan Francesca Esposito from Naples
735 V-Warriors fans Cristina from La Spezia
736 V-fan David Gilardino from Valle Mosso (BI)
737 V-fan Henry Granziol Treviso
738 V-fan Emanuelaq Tamburrini from Mogliano
739 V-fan Gianluca Della Torre from Sassari
740 V-fan Stefano Calabretta from Udine
741 V-fan Alessio Petroni from Cavriglia (ar)
742 V-Mark Pelloni fans from Bologna
743 V-fan Luciano Urbinelli from Rome
744 V-fan Diego Poplars from Perugia
745 V-fan Simon Tedeschi Perugia
746 V-fan William Freire Plaza from Monza (I)
747 V-fan David Woods from Rome
748 V-fan Spezzacatena Flavio from Rome
749 V-Raphael Bortolussi fans from Turin
750 V-fan Mark Felicetti from Sestri Levante (GE)
751 V-fan John Lelli from Cesena
752 V-fan Elisa Lelli from Cesena
753 V-fan Federica Martini from Cesenatico (FC)
754 V-fan Bennati Maurizio from Rome
755 V-fan Matthew Bonanno from Verona
756 V-by Milan fans Luca Baroni
757 V-fan David Romelli from Rome
758 V-fan Frederick Freed from Pistoia
759 V-fan Marco Ferrari from Milan
760 V-fan Fiorenzola Silvia Ancona
761 V-fan Marialuisa Palomba from Pescara
762 V-fan from San Antonio Cois Hope
763 V-fan Luca Zamboni from Cornwall
764 V-fan Valentina Canitano from Rome
765 V-fan from Florence Alexander Aguiari
766 V-fan Nocerino Fabio Terracina
767 V-fan Nicola Della Sala from Massa
768 V-fan Anthony Della Sala from Massa
769 V-fan Mirko Bonifacio Florence
770 V-Max fans from Aosta Alessio
771 V-fan Katja Heimburger from Rapallo
772 V-fan Joan Rampazzo from Arona
773 V-fan Simona Rizzioli from Gozzano
774 V-fan Zerulo by Teresa Mortara
775 V-fan Patrizia Dottavio from Pescara
776 V-fan Wanda De Gaudenzi from Monaco Munich
777 V-fan Renato Liuzzo Siena
778 V-fan power by Diana Ross
779 V-fan Ralph Depner from Borgo Panigale
780 V-fan Joan Fusaro da Trani
781 V-fan Mary Cargnelutti from Forte Dei Marmi
782 V-fan Valentina Guidotti Pistoia
783 V-fan Kevin Senni from Rome
784 V-fan Patrizia Marchesi from Cuneo
785 V-fan Stephen Pagliarini by Pontecorvo (FR)
786 V-fan by Gaetano Raus Casalgrande
787 V-by fan Mark Buzzola Castelmassa (ro)
788 V-fan Little Hebe from Novi Ligure
789 V-by Milan fans Francesco Ferrante
790 V-by Milan fans Pina Scalo
791 V-Liners by Louis fans Pontecagnano
792 V-fan Ajten Dshabarowa from Lugano
793 V-fan from Rome Roberto Cozzi Lepri
794 V-fan Maurizio De Santi Florence
795 V-fan Alessandra De Santi Florence
796 V-fan Laura Sassi from Montevarchi
797 V Valentina Paoli-fan from Florence
798 V-fan Luisarita Staccini from Gabicce Mare
799 V-fan Patricia Florence Boggio
800 V-Fontanarosa Cyrus fans from Naples
801 V-fan Brienne Berger from New York
Simonelli Riviera 802 V-fan from Florence
803 V-fan Joseph Barbarossa from Milan
804 V-fan Luciano Pierluigi Buensussan from Milan
805 V-fan from Florence Claudio Fiorelli
V-806 V fan Mirco Rome
807 V-fan Romina Sabbatini from Pesaro
808 V-fan Serena Celli from Viterbo
809 V-fan Patricia Florence Boggio
810 V-fan Clerk Rosario from Piacenza
811 V-fan Alice Andreoli of Padua
812 V-fan from vacation! Giaveno (to)
813 V-fan Luke Brolli from Rome
814 V-fan Giovanni Di Giorgio from Rome
815 V-fan Maurizio Cariati from Piedimonte Matese (Caserta)
816 V-fan Mark Civiero from Vicenza
817 V-fan Maurizio Carriero from Piedimonte Matese (Caserta)
818 V-fan Manuela Facchin of Padua
819 V-fan Igor Verrilli from Benevento
820 V-fans swear by Lucia Di Bari
821 V-fan George Cettolini da Conegliano
822 V-by Zai fans Debora Biandronno
823 V-fan Andrea Pietrini from Rome
824 V-fan Felice Zenoni from Lugano
825 V-fan Maximilian Piscioneri from Reggio Calabria
826 V-fan from Rome Roberto Ruggeri
827 V-fan Antonio Valerio from Corato (Bari)
828 V-fan Zecchi Lorenzo from Florence
829 V-fan Marco Ranzani by Rho-Milan
830 V-Alexander Saletti fans from Brescia
831 V-fan Nicola Saletti from Brescia
832 V-Cartisano Paul fans from Gallarate
833 V-fan by Willy Francesco Cosenza
834 V-fan Andrea Milana from Gela
835 V-fan Francesco Tozzi from Massa
836 V-by Milan fans Francor Vignati
837 V-fan Viviana Rocchi Rome
838 V-fan John the bar from Rome
839 V-fan from Valera Fratta Cassinari Fabrizio (I)
840 V-fan Gian Paolo Sorrenti Florence
841 V-fan Mark Guzzoni from Vicenza
842 V-fan Francis Fagne from Altoona
843 V-fan by Antonio Agosta Eric [tp]
844 V-fan Mario Agosta by Eric [tp]
845 V-fan Nicola Vassallo by Eric [tp]
846 V-fan Simone Vassallo by Eric [tp]
847 V-fan Lucretia Fabris of Padua
848 V-fan from Florence Alexander Aguiari
849 V-fan Simone Betti from Viareggio
850 V-fan Marco Bressi from Turin
851 V-Max fans from Big S.albano Stura
V-852 fans from Brescia Paola Loda
853 V-fan Milena Zani da Nave (Brescia)
854 V-fan Sabrina Farina Da Corte Franca (BS)
855 V-fan Enrique Monteros from Rho
856 V-by Milan fans Eduardo Campos
857 V-fan Morabito Antonio da Brescia
858 V-fan Orlando Citro from Giffoni Valle Piana
859 V-fan Paul Girardi from Brescia
860 V-fan Montissori by Alberto Castano Primo
861 V-fan merlus Scarliga from Genoa
862 V-fan Eugene Pizio from Almè (Bergamo)
863 V-fan John Lacchini from Cell Data From Cremona
864 V-fan Stephen Zanoletti from Bergamo
865 V-Max fans Pizio by Albino (BG)
866 V-fan David Counts from Rome
867 V-fan by Loredana Chiari Chiari
868 V-fan by Marcella Besio Carobbio Angels (bg)
869 V-fan by Bruno Bonfanti Carobbio Angels (bg)
870 V-fan Caramel Course from Syracuse
871 V-fan Anna Pizio from Rodengo Saiano (bs)
872 V-fan John Busi from S. Albano Ales. (Bg)
V-873 fans from Brescia Marco Clerici
874 V-fan Sergio Moretti by Chiari (BS)
875 V-fan Gianpaolo Guerrini Siena
876 V-fan Matthew Pedrazzi Brescia
877 V-Fan Ivan Blackboard from Genoa
878 V-fan Elena Lo Nigro from Genoa
879 V-by fan Mark Riganelli Matelica (mc)
880 V-fan Vincenzo Speranza Naples
881 V-fan by Francesco Boldrini Chiari (bs)
882 V-fan Paul Dilonardo from Bari
883 V-fan Maria Montanaro by Mila
884 V-fan Alberto Zonta from Belvedere Tezze Sul Brenta
885 V-fan Olivia Carletti from Rome
886 V-fan Mauritius Graziotti from Arezzo
887 V-fan Coco Acquistapace from Bellinzona (Switzerland)
888 V-fan Antoinette De Ieso Pistoia
889 V-fan Riviera Martellini from Grosseto
890 V-fan Diego Barovier from Mestre (VE)
891 V-fan Michael Badellino from Imperia
892 V-fan by Alessio Fornaciari Caniparola (ms)
893 V-fan Cristina Deidda from Villacidro (approx)
894 V-fan Lara Ricci Imperia
895 V-fan Gianni Tomasone from Pesaro
896 V-fan Sara Di Marco from Rome
897 V-Cat fans Simona from Verbania
898 V-fan Daniela Poodle from Domodossola
V-899 Puma by Andrea fans Omegna (vb)
900 V-fan Monica Pasha from Arona
901 V-fan Eleonora Manfredi from Tellaro
902 V-fan Schiocchet Chiara Padua
903 V-fan Bianconcini Giulio Ferrara
904 V-fan Dalbuono Simona Ferrara
905 V-fan Stefania Montanari of Genoa
906 V-fan Luis Barbieri from Milan
907 V-Pusceddu Tatiana fans from Brescia
908 V-Francis Dalessio fans from Turin
909 V-fan Renata Ferrara, Cremona
910 V-fan Mondani by Joseph Cremona
911 V-fan David Ferrara Milan
912 V-fan Edward Invernizio from Rome
913 V-fan Piazzini Valerio Rome
914 V-Max fan from Port Bust Garolfo (I)
915 V-fan David Riccobono from Monte Romano (VT)
916 V-fan Mignosi John Palermo
917 V-fan Bravo Stefano from Milan
918 V-fan Salvatore Reina from Bergamo
919 V-fan Massimo Todaro from Taranto
920 V-fan Massimo Todaro from Taranto
921 V-fan George Baldanello by S.vigilio Di Vigilio (BZ)
922 V-fan Barbara Bigi from Milan
923 V-Max fans Cecchin from Milan
924 V-by Milan fans Elena Bigi
925 V-fan Droghetti Andrea from Milan
V-926 Bigi Enzo fans from Milan
927 V-fan blown by Joanna Milan
928 V-fan Cristiano Marighella from Cava Manara
929 V-fan from Genoa Stefano Grondona
930 V-fan Marc Vittorini Villastellone from (to)
931 V-fan Gerard Siani from Salerno
932 V-fan Vincenzo Coppolino from Capolago
V-933 Daniel Punzo fans from Gallarate
934 V-fan Loris From Leaving Piovene - Vicenza
935 V-fan Annalisa Benevelli from Reggio Emilia
936 V-fan Benito Mussolini from From Heaven
937 V-fan Ornella Mazzucchelli by Cassano Magnano
938 V-fan from San Giuseppe Jato Nunzia Vassallo
939 V-fan Rossano grease from Pavia
940 V-fan Elena Flora Giulianova
941 V-fan Alfredo Flor da Giulianova
942 V-fan Rita Tentarelli Giulianova
943 V-fan Roberto beret Manduria
944 V-fan Michael Cortinovis from Bergamo
945 V-fan Peila Alexander Turin
946 V-fan brother Valerio Del915 Riccobono from Palermo
947 V-fan Dennis Chitty from Verona
948 V-fan Gaetano Caputo from Castelnuovo del Garda
949 V-fan from Guardiagrele Luke Angelini (ch)
950 V-fan by Riccardo Iacona Concorezzo-me-
951 V-Regis Daria fan of Padua
952 V-fan Maximilian Strangio from Omegna
953 V-fan Corrado Di Stefano Catania
954 V-fan Luke Castelli from Ascoli Piceno
955 V-fan Francesco Parodi from Novi Ligure
956th George fans the V-room Rome
957 V-fan Natalie Johnson from Milan
958 V-G Manu fan from Avigliana (to)
959 V-fan Daniel Terracina Bags
960 V-fan Daniel Terracina Bags
961 V-fan by Daniela Banfi Milan
962 V-fan Elizabeth Banfi from Cesano Boscone
963 V-Caps Christian fans from Turin
964 V-fan from Ferrara Marco Boldrini
965 V-fan David Ciusani from Milan
966 V-fan Giuseppe paper Santulussurgiu
967 V-by Bolio fan Elisa Inzago
968 V-fan from Naples Marco Sivo
969 V-fan from Naples Marco Sivo
970 V-fan Matthew Veronesi from Peschiera del Garda
971 V-fan Luke Beltrame from Pavia
972 V-fan Massimo Manfredi Marina Di Massa (MS)
973 V-fan Massimo Manfredi Marina Di Massa (MS)
974 V-fan Daniele Rosso Bresso
975 V-fan Andrea Corona from Lanciano (CH)
976 V-fan Ilaria Navarre Ladispoli
977 V-fan Mercadante Alessia Rome
978 V-fan Andrea Orozco from Medellin
979 V-fan Seth Cohen from Milan
980 V-fan John Bani from Florence
981 V-fan Lori Masons from Turin
982 V-fan Tiziana Cooked by Galliano
983 V-fan from Rome Roberta Di Simone
984 V-fan Valeriano Ugolini from Perugia
985 V-fan from Rome Massimo Moretti
986 V-fan Barbara Ballicu from Rome
987 V-fan Lisa Malavasi da Carpi
988 V-fan Cristina Gugger from Cagliari
989 V-fan Stephen Bruino Bessone from (to)
990 V-fan Stephen Bruino Bessone from (to)
991 V-fan Stephen Bruino Bessone from (to)
992 V-fan Marco Cassini from Milan
993 V-fan Stephen Matthias from Turin
994 V-fan Daniel Marchionne from Turin
995 V-fan from Florence Florio Fioravanti
996 V-fan Devis Leonardo da Prato
997 V-fan Luana Ferrini Pistoia
V-998 Daniel Potters fans from Bologna
999 V-fan Fatima Gentilini from Arezzo
1000 V-fan Olivia Venturini from Rome
1001 V-fan George Ruffa from Venice
1002 V-fan Giancarlo Maccabiani Brescia
1003 V-fan Sergio Brunetto from Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil
1004 V-fan from Rome Francesco Miranda
1005 V-fan Raul Gianluca Colacino from Marcellinara
1006 V-fan David Z from Milan
1007 V-fan Michael Gallotta Naples
1008 V-fan Francesco Contini, Mary of Modena
1009 V-fan Generated by Aldo Torino
1010 V-fan Mauritius Parazzani from Milan
1011 V-fan Monica Estienne from Sampeyre
1012 V-Liners by Louis Salerno fans
1013 V-fan Emiliano Baccinetti from Pomezia
1014 V-fan Vincenzo Capitanio from Montesilvano (PE)
1015 V-Emanuela Squizzato fans from Brescia
1016 V-fan Roberto Detoma from Milan
1017 V-fan from Italy
1018 V-fan Barbara Vitrone Naples
1019 V-fan Sara Esposito from Naples
1020 V-fan Roberto Riviera from Garbagna Novarese
1021 Sebastian Fazio V-fan from San Michele Salentino
1022 V-fan Mario Armanetti from Campobasso
1023 V-fan John Zaffignani from Vigevano
1024 V-fan John Zaffignani from Vigevano
1025 V-fan Hector Spinoccia from Cervinara (v)
1026 V-fan Matthew Pauselli from Città di Castello
1027 V-fan by Henry Prawns Fucecchio (fi)
1028 V-fan Federica Mannucci from Fucecchio (fi)
1029 V-fan Antonio Violanti from Turin
1030 V-fan by Fabio Gagné Besozzo
1031 V-fan Diego De Vita from Turin
1032 V-Death Spawn fans from Verona
1033 V-fan Michael Sack from Orbassano (to)
1034 V-fan Alfredo Gissi from Bari
1035 V-Box fans Federico from Rome
1036 V-fan Jimena Soledad Ruatti from Valencia España
1037 V-fan Edward Piazzini from Rome
1038 V-fan Claudio Chinaglia from Novara
1039 V-fan Lele Lucheni from Novara
1040 V-fan Joseph Aloe Novara
1041 V-fan Silvia Zappacosta from Naret
1042 V-fan Uanita Chinaglia from Novara
1043 V-fan Pieremilio Garbellotto Treviso
1044 V-fan Matthew Hat Genoa
1045 V-fan David Savona from Nuoro
1046 V-fan Corinne Viola da Roma
1047 V-fan Trombini Alessandro from Rome
1048 V-fan Dario Veronese from Trieste
1049 V-fan Fulvio Castioni from Trieste
1050 V-fan from Rome Lucia Santucci
1051 V-fan Irene Muscella from Pioltello (Milano)
1052 V-fan Nicoletta Zambelli from Bagnolo San Vito (MN)
1053 V-fan Stephanie Caretto from Turin
1054 V-fan Frederick Riccombeni from Milan
1055 V-fan Concetta Cassano Milan
1056 V-fan from Milan Massimo Mauri
1057 V-fan Stefano Papetti Bergamo
1058 V-fan Daccò Emanuele Lodi
1059 V-fan Renato Piazzini from Impruneta
1060 V-fan Loredana Rizzeto from Vicenza
1061 V-fan from Florence Bruno Radicati
1062 V-fan Laura whisk Florence
1063 V-fan Andrea Giani from Impruneta
1064 V-fan Fiorella nuts from Impruneta
1065 V-fan Claudio Schenardi from Milan
1066 V-fan Danilo Giovannangeli from Fiumicino
1067 V-fan Adam Federico Di Savona
1068 V-fan Luke Moltisanti from Eboli
1069 V-fan by Stephanie Massaccesi Agugliano (n)
1070 V-fan Roberta Serenari from Bologna
1071 V-fan Pelis Francesca Bergamo
1072 V-fan Maurizio Floris from Iglesias
1073 V-fan Pancras Marconi from Trapani
1074 V-fan Alessandra Giaquinto Naples
1075 V-fan Hymen Simona Turin
1076 V-fan Alessandro Castagno from Sansepolcro
1077 V-Lorenzino Bardi fans from Sansepolcro (ar)
1078 V-fan Lucretia Fabris of Padua
1079 V-fan Silvana Tropeano from Locri (RC)
1080 V-fan Sandro Serradifalco Palermo
1081 V-fan Alessia Deriu from Cabras
1082 V-fan Francesco Belmonte from Cinisello Balsamo
1083 V-fan Blasco Giulia Trieste
1084 V-Max fans from Dapollonio Baranzate
1085 V-Sing Fan Giuseppe Messina
1086 V-fan Edward According to Mr. Oleggio
1087 V-fan John Francesconi Pisa
1088 V-fan Gianluca Rossi Salerno
1089 V-fan from Milan Alessandro Zamboni
1090 V-fan Vladimir Gallons from Rieti
1091 V-Max fans Niba Barbini from Camerano
1092 V-fan Stephen Decandia from Nuoro
1093 V-fan Silvia Iacampo from Oristano
1094 V-fan loved by Luca Messina
1095 V-fan Stefano Cecconi from Perugia
1096 V-fan Anna Goods from Verona
1097 V-fan from Asti Stefano Donà
1098 V-Francis Zirilli fans from Turin
1099 V-fan from Rome Gianluca Ballarini
1100 V-fan Attilio Moro from Milan
1101 V-fan Attilio Moro from Milan
1102 V-fan Polverari Alessandro from Rome
1103 V-fans from Brescia Francesco Vezzoli
1104 V-Chiappino Mario fans from Turin
1105 V-fan Renata Ferrara, Cremona
1106 V-fan from San Vito Colabufo Spirit - Bari
1107 V-fan Gianluca Viadana from Vigevano
1108 V-fan Fabrizio Cocuzza from Vimercate
1109 V-fan by Raffaele Serusi Simaxis
1110 V-fan Contursi Francesca Salerno
1111 V-fan Contursi Francesca Salerno
1112 V-fan Sang-hee Piercecchi Ancona
1113 V-fan Dora Bruschi from Piacenza
1114 V-fan Mascellanti Cristian Ferrara
1115 V-fan Mascellanti Cristian Ferrara
1116 V-fan Stephen Pope from Ronchi Dei Legionari
1117 V-fan Alessandro Franzoni from Verona
1118 V-fan Fabrizio Vacca from Cagliari
1119 V-fan Andrea De Rienzo from Milan
1120 V-fan Stephen Cini from Siena
1121 V-fan Anthony Chestnut from Casamicciola Terme
1122 V-fan Mario Cerruti from Varazze
1123 V-fan Matthew Rossi da Rimini
1124 V-fan Samantha Zaghini from Rimini
1125 V-fan Sensale Francis from Naples
1126 V-fan Fabrizio Milovich from Venice
1127 V-fan Paola Ricci Milan
1128 V-fan Andrea Tired from Rome
1129 V-fan Simone Peano from Cuneo
1130 V-fan from St. Louis Coronella Marcellin
1131 V-fan Sandro Donda from Ventimiglia
1132 V-fan Brenna from Seregno Alex (I).

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