Tips to Shut the Coronavirus Highway and Control Its Spread

Post COVID-19 pandemic situation, people are trying to adopt the new norms like work from home, maintain social distance, stay home, sanitize your hands, etc. even the cleaning and the janitorial sector is making a shift from cleaning for looks towards cleaning for health. New cleaning standards include flooring because it is essential to stop the spread of contagion microbes in public buildings.

How secondary contact spreads?

The public is clear about sanitizing the high touch points like the doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails, and countertops but the floor sanitization concept is still unclear.

  • The floor of a retail store or a bar is a highway for coronavirus because they stick from the floors to your shoe soles, cart-wheels, wheelchairs, etc., and are transported.
  • The shoes are not washed every time you remove it like your hands, so it easily carries the microbes inside your building. It reaches your hand when you touch the shoes to remove them.
  • Sometimes, you drop a pen or purse on the floor and these secondary vehicles transport the microorganisms to your hands directly. From the hand, coronavirus can easily spread to every common touchpoint.
  • People in the gym are exposed to secondary contact because the microorganisms from the floor reach their hands when they do pushups or keep their water bottles on the floor.

Tips to shut the coronavirus highway and control its spread

Post signage

It is sensible but people easily allow the basics of sanitization and cleanliness to go wayside. Therefore, put as many signs as you can in specific areas to encourage social distancing and frequent hand washing. Ensure to use amusing and funny signs because they are noticed. Many retail businesses integrate their log with handwashing reminders.

Floormats to reduce dirt and allergens 

Ultimate Mats offer an array of entrance mats, which you can customize. WaterHog mat is a great outdoor matting product, which competently traps moisture, dirt, and allergens. You can even choose sanitary mats because flooring is the major touchpoint. Everyone visiting the retail store or the restaurant wears shoes that touch the floor.

A study found that coronavirus distributes widely on floors across the hospital even in zones that don’t have a direct connection with COVID patients. Airflow & gravity causes the droplets of the virus to float and fall on the ground. Shoes pick them up and spread them to some new zone. Therefore, sanitizing shoe sole is a great way to curb the spread. A sanitizer mat is helpful!

Enforce social distancing

To maintain social distancing, you need to reduce maximum occupancy. Ensure that every customer keeps a minimal 6-foot distance. Space the displays and tables accordingly.

Create sanitizing regime

Sanitize tabletops, countertops, and other regular touchpoints. Create a written disinfectant process, so that staff can keep every touch point sanitized. Staff education is a must because they need to be clear on how to sanitize different surfaces because some sanitizing agents need 10 minutes for the virus to get fully killed, while a few may need 20 minutes.


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