What’s Growth Capital and How to Use It for Business Development?

At some point, even successful business needs to have access to growth capital because of the tough, cut-throat competition. If they move at their existing pace then eventually the game comes to an end. Alternatively, if they secure growth capital then their business potential improves.

What’s growth capital?

Growth capital is finance borrowed for business growth and is ideally profitable. It differs from the working capital. It is a debt financing designed for business growth, while working capital supports daily operation funding and keeps it running. Growth capital also differs from equity capital that needs abandoning partial ownership for investor funding. With growth capital, you don’t need to give up any ownership.

At intrepidfinance.io, businesses can gain growth capital for new market expansion, buy equipment for production increase, improve marketing efforts or increase the workforce. It is a Finance & Venture firm based in Indiana helping the logistic and technology companies in different growth phases. The process is easy and if you are interested just send your files securely for assessment.

Tips to use growth fund for business development

Extend your range

Limited reach is the reason to stall out. If you desire to grow then there is a need to consistently acquire new customers. For this, there is a requirement to invest in a robust marketing strategy, which needs a budget that is not possible with your current revenue flow. Ignoring marketing is a common error that start-ups make. Spending funds on promotion campaigns that will never bring instant ROI seems illogical but it is a move to survive in this competitive market. You cannot ignore it if you desire to stay afloat!

With growth capital, there is no need to overturn ownership or put up equity to invest in marketing and extending your reach. You can concentrate on a long-term growth strategy with an awareness that your capital partners are interested in your business endurance rather than a rapid ROI.

Smooth cash flow

At each growth phase of your business, you need to have extra cash on hand. Investors find liquidity highly appealing because it conveys that you are a safe investment. They readily support your large-scale ventures in the future like mergers or acquisition deals. Growth capital acquisition is simple and a low-risk way of enhancing your cash flow. As your business grows, you can extend and renew the growth capital terms with ease.

Stock up

You have a unique product developed and have established consumer interest but your growth stalls because of lack of supply. You cannot cover the number of orders and if your product is unavailable, consumers turn to your competitors. Growth capital can help you to build a healthy inventory and stock up. Thus, your potential for unlimited sales increases along with your earning.

In any kind of business, you need capital to stay ahead of the competition. Funding access makes a difference between business scalability and stalling. Reach out to a reliable finance and venture company to take advantage of the fair capital to overcome every hurdle and grow.


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