Do You Think It Is Safe to Vape CBD?

The cannabinoid has got two important compounds called CBD and THC.  THC can produce high effects while CBD does not. Hence, if you smoke or vape CBD in higher dose, it will not get you high.

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Whether vaping CBD is safe or not has been recently re-actualized. Several studies have been confirmed that no significant health hazard has been observed both short-term and long-term.

The perception of public is also changing slowly. In the year 2015, almost 37% of respondents of US had replied in a survey that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking. A similar survey was also conducted in 2011, where only 11.5% has responded with the same answer.

What is the opinion of scientists?

Even scientists claim that in the short-term vaping is relatively safe. They concluded it after numerous studies. As far as the long-term health effects are concerned, we are now obtaining the results of their first studies.

The findings after researching for 3.5 years was concluded that vaping is not likely to cause any significant damage to our human body. They did not find any damage to the heart, lungs, or any other organs even after vaping heavily.

However, despite that, the question still haunts people whether vaping CBD will be safe or not.

Whether vaping devices are safe?

During the last few years, we have come across a few horrendous images of people who had close encounter with the explosion of batteries. You must carefully note the term used i.e. exploding batteries, but not exploding e-cigarettes.

As such, there was no case where things like ‘vape explosion’ took place, as all these incidents were dubbed in the media. There is only a sole part of any e-cigarette that can explode and that is only the battery.

Now just think about this – the same batteries are also used for powering any vaporizer as well as your laptops, shavers, smartphones, and tons of many other things. Do you get scared to use them?

As a general rule, any device that will use batteries must be handled with much care, and your vaping device is no exception. If you carry loose batteries within your pocket then it is a sure recipe for disaster.

The same is with charging, or using any mechanical mods and remain ignorant about their working, or just exposing the batteries. Just avoid doing it. If you are in doubt, then ask questions or, even visit the local vape shop. Now, the question is actually not whether vaping is safe but how you are using is safe or not.

If you are planning to build your own coils, then remember, there can be an increased injury risk if not done properly. Without a proper understanding of Ohm’s Law, probably, it is best to use mods or pens, which have a built-in safety internal circuit to avoid any battery problem.

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