Way to Use Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils, as opposed to Essential Oils, are synthetic oils that contain synthetic constituents. This allows the creation of many delightful fragranced candles, soaps, and other products, such as diffusers and soaps, by using the right mix of these ingredients. candle fragrance oils are used in candle making to enhance their fragrance.

The proportion of Fragrance Oil to wax

While candle-making is an enjoyable hobby, it should be remembered that it’s not always a scientific process. Experimentation is the key to creating a new fragrance. It is difficult to pinpoint a specific percentage because each fragrance has a different density. To achieve the same level of fragrance, you would need to use more ml of less dense oil than with a denser one. It is better to use grams of fragrance than ml. Some fragrances have stronger scents than others. Therefore, you will need to add less fragrance to your candle if it has a stronger scent.

Paraffin wax is the most commonly used. As a guide, you can start with 5-8% (for instance, 8 grams fragrance oil to 100g of wax) for a light scented fragrance. For a stronger scented fragrance, use 8-10%. You may need to increase the soy wax percentage by a few percent until you achieve the desired strength. It is both science and art. We can guide you to help you get started, but ultimately it is up to the candle maker to discover what fragrances work for you. This is half of the fun of candle-making.

You should not put more than 12% fragrance in your candle. Otherwise, the candle may sweat out the fragrance or leak it (aka bleeding). When you remove the candle from its mould, the oil will be visible on its exterior. This can be easily wiped off. If too much fragrance oil has been used, you might experience unwanted smoking or sputtering.

When combining fragrance oils, you mustn’t add more than you need. Instead, you should add a mixture that equals the maximum amount.

Once you’ve decided how much fragrance oil you want to use, melt the wax in the container/mold and then add it to the wax. Stir in for at most two minutes to ensure that the oil bonds with the wax.

Flash Points

A Flash Point is the temperature at which fragrance oils will begin to evaporate and vaporize. The Flash Point is not set at a standard temperature. It varies depending on the fragrance oil being used. If the wax temperature is higher than the maximum flashpoint, the oil will evaporate and your candle will lose its fragrance.

Mixing fragrances should be done at a temperature slightly lower than the one in the table. This ensures that the fragrance binds to the wax effectively and gives a good scent throw. A poorly bound fragrance will not throw well, which can lead to a candle with a weaker scent. Mixing fragrances with a flash point lower than 80degC is recommended. However, if you mix them below 70degC, you need to stir for a few moments to aid in the binding process.


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