How To Sell Your Music On Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes (and 100+ Music Stores )

If a time traveller were to come to our time today, he would be baffled by the ease with which we live today. even leisure activities like listening to music were very difficult in earlier times because they had to buy different assets for different songs, preserve those cases and preserve them. This consumed a lot of space, resources and time.

Today, however, we are placed in a much more comfortable situation. Today, you can get your music on Spotify, tidal, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and other major platforms which have a huge audience. These apps have both free and paid versions of them and they run ads depending on the version that you operate on.

But if the time traveller were a music artist, he would be dumbstruck by the opportunities present today for the music artists. This is because these apps with millions of listeners are ready to host your music. You can sell your music online without losing the rights to intellectual property. Each time the music is streamed or downloaded, you would earn money.

The best way to place your music online is to get a hold of a music distributor. These music distributors are the service providers which act as the bridge between the music hosting apps and the artists. With the help of these music distributors, the artists can place their music online and each time their song is streamed or downloaded, the artist earns revenue.

MusicDigi is one of the best music providers. It allows the artists to place their music online in three very simple steps. One, you need to create an account on the music dig and pay one time yearly membership fees. Then you have to select the cover art and the tracks which you want to upload online.

The music provider will put your music on Tidal, Spotify, google play, amazon and all other major music streaming platforms. Finally, each time the music is streamed, you will generate revenue from it. This money generated will be sent to your musicdigi account from where you can withdraw it.

Tips to be an international artist

There are a few essentials for you to be a successful artist in the music industry. Here are a few tips for you:

1- The modalities- Before you start to dream big, you must get your music on TikTok, Spotify, tidal and all the other major platforms. This is because not every platform is available in all countries thus, you must ensure to have the access to maximum platforms possible to get the maximum crowd.

2- Lyrics and style- To sell your music on Amazon, tidal, Spotify and other major platforms, you must ensure that it is in a language that is understood by most of the world, for example, English. If your song is in another language then you need to first focus on those countries where that language is spoken.

3- Approach the media- To successfully sell songs on itunesSpotify and other platforms; you would have to have press coverage in the given country. Getting press coverage will give a tremendous boost to your record.


Getting successful in the music industry is difficult but music platforms have made it relatively easy.





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