There Are Many Types Of Body Piercings: What Are They?

Since ancient times, body piercings were used as a way to express oneself. Although this timeless form of body art was once considered taboo in modern culture it is now thriving thanks to renewed interest and appreciation for individuality.

Although there are still concerns about the effects piercings may have on the body, it is important to fully understand the process before you go ahead with the procedure.

It takes some legwork to determine where and how the piercing will be performed. You can rest assured that you made proactive steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable procedure at a professional-piercing studio.

What Types Of Piercings Are There?

You can pierce anywhere on your body. However, some spots are more sought-after and more appealing. Before you decide which one is best for you, take your time.

You can also research the artist’s portfolio to see if they have images at the shop, or if they are more active on social media. Both of you can gain insight into others’ work and create the design that you desire.

Helix Piercing

Although it sounds fancy, a helix is just the upper portion of your earlobe. This is usually done to allow for smaller studs and loops to be placed in the area. This allows you to express yourself more and offers more choices for jewelry styles.

The helix isn’t the most painful area to be pierced. This is because the cartilage around the area is very soft and thin. You might feel some discomfort at the time of piercing, but not pain.

Tragus Piercing

The tragus is located close to the helix. The tragus is the outer ear’s outward-facing part, located close to the ear canal. This area has thicker cartilage than the helix, making it a little more painful than other types.

Although not necessarily painful, the cartilage is very elastic so your artist may have to use more pressure to get through the skin. You might feel some discomfort.

It’s popular because of its unique features, which make it a great choice for people who want to try something new with ear piercing.

Nose Piercing

One of the most well-known and oldest forms of body art, nose piercings, is still very popular. A nose piercing can be displayed in many different ways. A traditional bull ring is made between the nostrils. This is similar to what you would see on a Spanish fighting bull.

Another type of nose piercings has a looped ring that runs through one nostril or both. This is called a septum. These unique features make nose rings very popular among younger people who are trying their first piercing.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings can be done in the middle of the tongue to allow for a small stud or bar of jewelry. As with all oral piercings, it is important to ensure that the professional has sterilized equipment and experience. The jewelry could cause problems with scratching or scraping gums.

Although oral jewelry is exciting and new, it can also be dangerous. Make sure you have your procedure done properly and professionally.

What Is The Most Popular Piercing?

Although each piercing is popular at a different level, most people agree that ear piercings are the most widespread because of their cultural significance.

No matter if you are looking for conch or helix piercings, your ears provide many areas and options to express yourself. There are many styles of ear jewelry that you can buy, so it’s easy to accumulate body jewelry! gives you the most popular jewelry in your area.

In Which Parts Of Your Body Can You Have Pierced?

There are many places on the body you can have pierced. Some areas are more popular than others. Because they offer the most jewelry options and are less likely to get infected, the ears, nose, or lip areas are where most people will stay.

You can still have piercings done on your torso. This includes nipple and trunk piercings around your belly button. These are both painful but popular options. You can pierce almost any part of your body, but it’s worth researching more traditional options to ensure you find a skilled artist.

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