Why pineapple express strain is everyone’s favorite?

Even if they aren’t into cannabis culture, most people have heard of the pineapple express cannabis strain. It’s not only the name of a cult favorite film made famous, it’s also the name of a marijuana strain that appears to have been around forever and is popular with anybody who’s ever smoked a joint.

Pineapple express is a popular strain among cannabis users since it never fails to deliver. It’s one that instantly improves your energy levels and gets your creative juices flowing. That is why it is a popular option for artists and authors who wish to engage their muse and produce something unique.

However, pineapple express isn’t simply popular among tourists. It’s used for a variety of medicinal objectives, including helping to treat epilepsy, improving the symptoms of MS patients, and reducing stress. Those suffering from mental illnesses such as sadness and anxiety have also found the pressure beneficial.

In comparison to many other strains available today, pineapple express checks a lot of boxes for a variety of medicinal and health conditions.

What exactly is pineapple express?

This is a Sativa with dominance (60 percent). It has a strong maternal heritage of Hawaiian and train wrecks. Because of Sativa dominance, it tends to provide more cerebral and soothing effects than the stereotypical indica body couch high. With THC levels of up to 26%, you’d think it’d pack a major punch, and it does, but not always in the manner you’d expect.

The purity of the strain is what draws pineapple express lovers from all over the globe (and there are a lot of them). If you’re searching for a peaceful high that elevates your creative capacity or opens your mind to discover new realms, this is the strain for you.

Because of its solid ancestry, it is generally trusted in the medical cannabis industry and is often the first strain of choice for newcomers. Some pineapple express strains have recently been produced with larger amounts of cbd, making them more desirable for medicinal purposes.

For first-time users, this is an excellent strain to start with since it produces a strong high without incapacitating you like some other strains with high THC concentration. However, like with any cannabis strain, the degree of the impact is determined by how much you consume, as we’ll detail below.

Pineapple express aroma and flavor

This is a strain with a particular scent that most people immediately know and like. Pineapple express is highly fruity with a flowery under layer that takes you to a faraway tropical resort.

The flavor has a delicate citrus combination as well as the unmistakable flavor of pineapple that appears to rest on your tongue as you inhale, as well as a somewhat woody aftertaste

It’s a terrific plant to grow inside since it produces a lot of blossoms, and you’ll appreciate the scent and the beautiful blend of hues, including orange and burgundy, that the flowers exhibit. If you want to be a little more covert about your growing practices the intensity of the perfume may be a problem, particularly as the plant starts to flower in earnest.

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